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Doctor E. Johnson ([personal profile] washtheblood) wrote2012-03-22 08:18 pm


  • It might be entirely unsurprising that he has a medical fetish, being a doctor. Latex gloves, baby.
  • Needles. He loves needles.
  • Blood, blood, and more blood. Lot's of blood.
  • Endurance testing.
  • Fear play and psychological torture.
  • Physical torture with old-school techniques and equipment.
  • Sadism. He is a sadist but he hates the easy and the whiny. He likes to Hunt the Hunters so to speak.
  • Humiliation and public humiliation
  • Bondage and asphyxiation.
  • To a lesser extent he enjoys fire, but he still enjoys fire.

I as the writer am willing to have these happen to him as it might be an entertaining psychological trip. Drop a message if you wish.

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